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    Following the successful introduction of our newsletter, today you receive additional information to learn more about BUTTING as one of the world's leading processors of corrosion-resistant steels and clad materials.

    In this edition, we report about an order from a North American bulk material technology company, based in Alberta, Canada. Furthermore, we are introducing Peter Howard from our competent and experienced BUTTING-team in Canada.

    In our technical article, we continue our explanations about the historical development of duplex steels in pipe manufacturing with a detailed view at the "Weld-ability of duplex stainless steels during pipe production".

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    Markus Hahn
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    In the context of the Corona virus (CoVID-19) outbreak and the latest developments we at BUTTING do our utmost to safeguard the health of our employees. We want to keep our operational capability in order to finalize your orders and projects in due time and to cope with our high quality production standards even in the recent and in the upcoming times.

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