The teamwork centre

Values which determine behaviour are the basis of every action. Every corporate culture develops according to the values adopted by people in positions of responsibility.
At the "teamwork centre", we have attempted to outline the values that have shaped the culture at BUTTING over the years. We are committed to these values.

Treating each other with respect and as equals is the key principle of our com- pany and the basis for successful teamwork. It means respecting and valuing the differences of others - be it in terms of their profession, gender, nationality or character. Only people who feel respected are truly willing to work in a team. This is the foundation for the following supporting pillars of this principle.

Willingness to serve others
Teamwork can only succeed and achieve goals if we support each other. The willingness to achieve a goal and to provide a service for someone else is an absolute necessity.

Honesty is the basis of trust and is therefore needed in order to build up a relationship that can survive under pressure.

To achieve constructive, forward-thinking teamwork, we should be open minded towards other people, new technologies and new forms of teamwork, organisation or communication. Progress, growth and globalisation are leading to continuous change in our company. To ensure we remain competitive in future, we, as a company, must seize the opportunities these changes afford and use them to our benefit.

Loyalty / reliability
We sustain a culture of loyalty by being punctual, adhering to schedules, being reliable and discrete, keeping our promises and being true to our customers and staff.

Courage / willingness to take on responsibility
To be honest and open, express opinions, enjoy making decisions and put new ideas into practice, a person needs courage. Teamwork and progress by tradition can only succeed if courage is prevalent.

As these values are adopted, we firmly believe that an atmosphere of trust, creativity, motivation and genuine teamwork will develop. Every single employee should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential, in return for job satisfaction (and team satisfaction) quality, innovation and maximum performance.

BUTTING – Progress by Tradition

Stefanie Tutay
Personnel Management

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